I have also met Simone Corduan-Seeland from Karlsruhe, Germany.

Simone Corduan, with her father, Heiko Corduan, in front of the Corduan city sign, Corduan France


Simone was married on September 5 & 6, 1997 to Michael Seeland - Congratulations! Here is the thank-you card that they mailed out.


This is what she says:

"I'm 26 years old. I'm not married with no children. I am working by the government - tax. My father and his family were coming from Stralsund (a city, which has become polish after WW2) (Franz Corduan and his wife Edith and the 2 children - my father Heiko and his brother Peter). My father Heiko Corduan was born in Stralsund. The brother of my father, Peter Corduan, lives now in Freiburg and has 2 children: Bernd (26) and Ralf(29). Ralf Corduan is married and has 2 children, 1 1/2 years, and 7 months."

She further wrote: "My Great-Great-Grandfather (Franz Corduan) was a shoemaker and my Great-Grandfather (Otto Corduan) has had a shoe factory in Mistroy.

My Grandfather (also Franz Corduan) has had four brothers and sisters:

-Fritz the oldest. Married, no children, now died in Berlin.
-Dorchen. Two times married, no children, died one year ago in Berlin.
-Franz, (my grandfather), married, two children, died one and a half years ago. Children:
-Peter, married, two children
-Heiko, my father, married and me :-)
-Hanfried, married, one daughter, died one ago."

She writes again: "My grandmother knows the city of Schlawe, because Mistroy (where she comes from) is only 100 km away from Schlawe. Schlawe is located next to the Eastern Sea at the Pomersche Bay" (Schlawe is where my Corduan family came from)

"At the moment we are translating our family book which contains a lot of handwritings of my Great-Great-Grandfather. But it is written in a very old German handwriting and I'm not able to read this myself. The Grandmother of my friend is doing this job for me, but it goes very slowly."

There is a small town in France called Corduan (La Fosse et de Corduan), which she has visited and of which she sent me pictures. Also he sent me the Corduan City history, in French and translated into German. She has found a trace back into the Netherlands (Holland). Also a connection to the Hugonauts of France.

Here is a picture of Heiko (father) and Anita Corduan.


Here is uncle Peter and Ursel Corduan


Her cousin Bernd Corduan with girlfriend.


Here is another of her cousins, Ralf Corduan, wife, and 2 children.


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