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If you are interested in the topic of leaving "family planing" in God's hands from a Biblical perspective, check out The Quiver Full! Web Page. For information on the population explosion myth, have a look at Overpopulation is a Myth.

Children are overwhelmingly addressed as blessings in Scripture, never a curse. This is one area that God clearly assumes responsibility for, from the opening of the womb, to conception, to the intricate weaving together of the child (Ps. 139) to the very taking of the child out of the womb (Ps. 22). If God is so intimately involved in this process, how is it that we become wiser than He to determine for ourselves what children are necessary/desirable and which aren't?  Scripture clearly encourages large numbers of children - in a day gone by it was accepted as normal, a blessing.

Some Christians have chided us for having "so many" or for having them "so close".  These chidings are given often, implicitly or explicitly, in the name of the Lord, that it is a violation of God's will . . . irresponsible.  My children are, I suppose, no more precious than anyone else's in the overall scheme of things, but I would ask, with tears, for anyone to look at their pictures and tell me which one I can do without, which one the Lord really didn't want.  Somehow we can see their essential purpose in life after they are born, but do not have the faith enough to trust the Lord to know what He is doing ahead of time.

Many bring up medical issues, that cutting off children is essential to preserve the mother's life.  To this I say two things:  1)  Medical risks in pregnancy are greatly exaggerated by a medical profession that has grown cold to the blessing of children.  I have done my research and invite anyone to do theirs.  Pregnancy and childbirth is greatly over medicated and managed here in the US giving us one of the worst childbirth track records of all the developed nations.  The rate of unnecessary C-sections approaches 70%, even as determined by the profession itself.  If we allow others to make foolish medical decisions for us, can we blame the Lord or the child for bad outcomes?  2)  What do we call someone who suffers or gives their life so another may live?  We call them heroes.  What do we call Christian workers, such as missionaries, who deliberately shorten their lives to obey the Lord?  We call them martyrs, those who have purchased with their selflessness a far more exceeding great reward in heaven.  Yet . . . we call a mother who appears to be deliberately shortening or worsening her life to bear and raise little ones for the Lord irresponsible?  This is very wrong, an expression of the loss of "natural affection" that the Lord spoke about.

Few Christians realize that chemical forms of birth control, especially the "Pill", regularly cause actual abortions - fertilized eggs that are killed by birth control (Randy Alcorn has written a sobering, well researched booklet called Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? . . . the link is for the published book, but toward the bottom of the page are links to read the booklet online).  I wonder how the Lord feels about this, especially when many of us are so vocal in condemnation of abortion.  The church, conscience of the world, gave the world permission to abort their children when we began calling our children "choices" and in modern times embraced birth control, long considered immoral.  Is it any wonder we can't seem to get anyone to take us seriously on this issue?

Matthew 18:5 "And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me."  Will you receive that little one if the Lord would desire to send him/her to you?

Each couple must - in the fear of the Lord - come to clear faith on God's will for their family. May He give His wisdom in these days of confusion and deceit.

Excellent books:

The Way Home, by Mary Pride - this book, primarily written for women, yet shook me as much as any book I have read.  Written by a former "feminist" who found Christ, it pulls no punches on the "bill of goods" that the world has sold the modern Christian woman.

Full Quiver, by Rick & Jan Hess - excellent, the whole matter clearly - and creatively - laid out. Currently available directly from the authors.

The Birth Dearth, (1987), by Ben Wattenberg - a secular book, but excellent.  Written from the perspective of a man whose specialty is demographics (population trends), he deals with the foolishness of "population explosion" with raw facts, statistics.  The reality is that the "western world" is in a catastrophic population decline which will likely not be recognized by governments currently promoting "population control" until it is too late to prevent major problems.

Check out the Quiver Full! Bibliography for listings of these and other good books.

God bless you!

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